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Intensive module

The International intensive module aims at the integration and circulation of theories, concepts and practices of gender and gender equality in international scale. Innovation is at the heart of this intensive module. Its teaching tools are innovative : analyzing autobiographies, working with memory, participating in a theatre forum.

The goal of the intensive module is to examine the ways in which gender equality represents challenges for contemporary international society in relation to six main themes
  • Education - culture
  • Health-sexualities-violence
  • Work and integration
  • Public policy
  • Development-migration
  • Higher education and research

The module aims to introduce the participants to advanced theories of gender equality and gender as well as issues related to the professionalization of this domain, from a transversal and comparative approach and based on recent research in progress.  All partners and universities associated with the EQUAL program contribute to this from different disciplines and involving actors and issues from the world of non-university work.
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